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Zombie Game Dev and more Oh My!

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Xheis's game dev of a persistent zombie, waved based action RPG, RTS defence

This project aims to produce a action RPG with RTS elements.

The way I describe it is:
"A persistent base building, zombie wave based action rts with rpg elements."

There are three main requirements that I aim to achieve in this game:
  1. Decent AI
    • Basic pathfinding, objective based behavour, and interaction with other entities.
    • Ally AI would be able to take up guard positions, search for Enemies, patrol and sustain formations (e.g. search patrol, standing around a fire)
    • Enemy would need to be able to hurl themselves at the enemy in both predictable, and unpredictable manners.
  2. Basic Terrain construction
    • Terrain should not be a nightmare to create, understand and change.
    • note: Procedural generation will be avoided until other project details are crafted.
  3. Game Mechanics takes precedence over visuals.

I intend to actually play this game, and so I would prefer it if I could leave the visuals to last.
  1. OPTIONAL: This game sounds like it'd be sweet co-op, so where possible, I will consider this is data structuring and object creation.

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